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New York’s Premier Closet Specialist

For over 30 years The Closet Lady has been  helping people dig their way out of chaotic closets creating an organized calm environment. Among our many clients are international models, talk show hosts, race car drivers, actors, as well as movers and shakers. The Closet Lady specializes in maximizing small spaces, offers highly personalized service and uses the finest materials at incredibly affordable prices.

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closet_lady_slide4Fine Wood Veneers

A veneer is a thin decorative covering of fine wood skillfully applied to a coarser wood or material. Beautiful applications are created from wood collections offered throughout the world, from Africa to the dense European forests. We use some of the most beautiful veneers available.

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IMG958075-versitle-laminatesVersatile Laminates

3D laminates (also known as “rigid thermofoils” or RTFs) are a thermoformed decorative surface produced in an array of solid colors, metallics, wood grains and abstract patterns, in a variety of gloss levels and textures. Typically applied to an engineered wood substrate such as medium density fiberboard (MDF), 3D laminate films can be formed around contoured edges and corners giving components the appearance of machined solid wood or various solid surfaces.

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Closet Lady Open House NYC

Open House NYC

New York’s Closet Lady tells George of Open House NYC the process of working her magic. Let the Closet Lady maximize your closet space to fit your lifestyle.

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