MY bedroom closet — the walk-in variety — was out of Edgar Allan Poe. Every time I tried to enter, the walls seemed to close in on me. Sweaters were piled six deep, purses toppled off dusty hat boxes, and costume jewelry was tangled up with Halloween costumes. Looking for my favorite fleece dog-walking outfit, I was often buried beneath a heap of feather boas.Read More

Labeling Doreen Tuman the Closet Lady is an understated way of describing this perfectionist–she not only designs closets, but organizes entire homes and offices as well. We hear that Tuman’s twenty-eight years of experience in the business is reflected in her quite specific designs and her ability to understand the exact needs of clients. All of her work is subcontracted, however, she only uses the finest of professionals.Read More


A closet is more than a place to store your stuff. It is a reflection of your personality and a repository of special memories, hopes, aspirations and dreams. Often, when you can get a grip on the chaos in your closet, you can begin to bring order and serenity back into your life.

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In this edition of Floorplan, George Oliphant confronts a perpetual problem of city living: no closet space! First George meets with Dorren Tuman, the Closet Lady to learn about custom solutions for your closet. Within 3 weeks, Doreen can examine your wardrobe, measure the spaces and install things like Double/Triple hanging to maximize the space in your closet.

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These great tips from Doreen Tuman, a professional closet organizer and owner of The Closet Lady, a design business based in New York City, will help you put an end to time-consuming searches by bringing order to any closet in your house.

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